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Create more scholarship opportunities for more students with less hassle.

(And with way less paper.)

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$72 billion in scholarship grant dollars are available every year.*

$7 billion can be lost to administrative fees

Are you spending more than you need to administer your program?

Administration fees are often in excess of 10%. Just think of all the extra students that could benefit from scholarship programs with a more efficient, secure, digital-first solution.

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*Source: Trends in Student Aid, The College Board, Private & Institutional Grants

How many more students could your dollars help?

Enter the amount of scholarship dollars your program offers and we’ll tell you how many more students you could help by switching to Kaleidoscope.

You could help: More students by switching to Kaleidoscope!

At Kaleidoscope, we use cloud-based technology to lower fees that typically go towards inefficient administration processes.

Make the most out of your scholarship programs.

Because access to education should be determined by potential, not finances.

A new perspective on managing your scholarship program.

Kaleidoscope is a digital matchmaking scholarship service that connects qualified students with your branded program.

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Our digital products are all 100% compliant to keep all students engaged and protect you against legal action.

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First class

Our team does all the heavy lifting when it comes to managing your program. So there’s no need to stress if technology or marketing isn’t your thing.

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Today’s students are used to intuitive, integrated digital experiences and that’s what Kaleidoscope offers. No paper. No fax machines. No nonsense.

Fast & simple setup

Switching to our Kaleidoscope platform is quick, intuitive and seamless.

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Funds management made easy

We’ll manage your unrestricted, restricted or endowed funds from investment to disbursement. Our investment managers are committed to growing your assets and extending your impact.

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Set it & forget it

From hosting to marketing, we’ve got you covered. Our team handles the day-to-day management of your scholarship program, no matter your size or your profile.

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