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How It Works

Our platform brings sponsors, applicants, reviewers, recommenders, and more together in one place, empowering sponsors to build strong connections and support their recipients. See how the Kaleidoscope platform works.

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Program administration made simple

Gain access to predictive analytics

Host your unique application process

Implement various types of form fields

Reach millions of students in one place

Streamline your processes with better technology

End-to-end visibility

Access key information without hassle

Increase transparency into your program’s progress with our platform’s end-to-end capabilities.

  • Access real-time data
  • View consolidated application information
  • Keep tabs on your internal review process
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Automation and notifications

Save time for improved efficiency

Replace manual communications processes with the ease of automated email and SMS nudges.

  • Communicate directly with applicants
  • Remind applicants of upcoming deadlines
  • Monitor progress as you go
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Digital functionality

Software for convenience and accessibility

Use our scholarship and grant software anywhere and keep up with your program’s processes in real time. 

  • Access from any device
  • Simply log in and get started
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Editor section for Kaleidoscope platform

Step 01

Create and design your application

Kaleidoscope supports a variety of form types, including pick lists and question types that appear on-page based on an applicant’s previous response. As your trusted partner, we also help you develop questions and create a program that reaches the right applicants.

Scorecard for scholarships

Step 02

Collect recommendations from third-party contributors

When an applicant asks someone to provide a recommendation, the recommender receives an email, logs in to Kaleidoscope, and instantly sees and submits their recommendation — all on the same platform.

Scorecard for scholarships in platform

Step 03

Design your custom scorecard and assign reviewers

Create a scoring rubric to support your selection process. Easily assign applications to review board members. Reviewers can simply log in and access their assignments directly on the platform.

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Step 04

Review applications and select recipients

Easily locate and assess applications ready for review. Kaleidoscope gives you the ability to redact identifiable information while keeping non-identifiable information available immediately upon submission. Once reviewers submit their scores you’re able to view results, export to a CSV, or automate for selection.

Sponsor Disbursing Amount Awarded to Student

Step 05

Notify recipients and disburse your funds

Communicate award status directly on the platform. Disburse the awarded funds to the recipients, while tracking and verifying the receipt and use of funds. We offer the ability to wire, ACH, check, Stripe, and send on a virtual Kaleidoscope Pre-Paid Debit Card.

Application questions chart

Step 06

Bring it together with data and analytics

Access data about your programs to inform reporting and future programs.

The scholarship and grant platform built for every user’s needs

Our platform is designed to accommodate everyone involved in the process. 



No matter if your organization is getting its first scholarship or grant program off the ground, or if your award program has been around for decades, Kaleidoscope makes it easy to design applications, manage submissions, review applicants, and more — all on one platform.

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Kaleidoscope gives applicants access to thousands of award programs. Applicants can browse and apply for awards they’re eligible for, track their applications’ progress, communicate with program sponsors, and reviewers, and more.

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Third-party contributors

Applicants can easily request documents such as letters of recommendation and transcripts. These third-party contributors can then upload the documents straight to an applicant’s application on Kaleidoscope.

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Review board

By offering customizable reviewing capabilities based on unique program criteria, Kaleidoscope makes the application reviewing process straightforward and efficient. Program administrators create a scorecard based on certain criteria, which reviewers then use to identify recipients for their awards.


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