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Kaleidoscope Makes Scholarship and Grant Management Simple

No templates. No coding. No restrictions on your vision. Kaleidoscope is a scholarship and grant management platform purpose-built for your needs.

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Streamline the way you manage your programs

Gain access to a dedicated team of experts

Support and enable collaboration

Bring programs to life and track the entire process

Supplement internal teams

Ensure your funds go to those you want to support

View insights and analytics around your program

One platform designed by industry experts, for sponsors

All-in-one platform

Reach millions of applicants

Expand applicant reach with a single award management platform. Kaleidoscope houses your awards, advances your programs, and matches your criteria to the right applicants. With easy-to-use CRM functionality, we simplify your process while deepening your relationships with your recipients.

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Perfectly aligned branding

Brand your program to your organization

With the Kaleidoscope platform, you maintain control over your branding elements like color scheme, logo, name, description fields, buttons, and notifications. Let our team ensure your application becomes an extension of your brand.

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End-to-end support

Gain full-service support

From applicants to reviewers, recommenders, and sponsors, Kaleidoscope is the industry’s leading CRM platform that provides end-to-end support to all parties. Our data architecture enables personalized communication for:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Nudge notifications
  • Email reminders
Kaleidoscope customer support

Reporting and analytics

View all your data in one place

All your program data can be found in one place on your personalized dashboard, making it easy to create meaningful insights faster.

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Kaleidoscope supports the management of a variety of program types

The Kaleidoscope platform offers a consistent and reliable approach to end-to-end program management, regardless of your award.



Review applications, applicant eligibility, third-party recommendations, and reviewer scorecards on our scholarship and grant management system.



Invite multiple contributors, review applications, monitor project budgets, and manage disbursement requests.



Kaleidoscope supports a range of other awards, including mentorship programs, sweepstakes, fellowships, internships, summer camps, and more.

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