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Selection Committee Services

The scholarship review process is an important part of any successful scholarship program, but it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive – especially as your scholarship program grows. Alleviate this administrative burden by partnering with Kaleidoscope’s expert team of reviewers, who will both organize your review process and personally review and score all applications according to your organization’s criteria.  

Most programs rely on volunteers to process and review applications, which requires significant coordination, communication and training. Let us fully manage your review process and take this administrative burden off your plate. 

Our expert team will organize the process and review applications based on best practices learned from years in the scholarship and grant community. We can ensure a smooth and positive review process for applicants and clients. 

Kaleidoscope follows consistent and fair review practices to eliminate bias. Our reviewers are a neutral third party with no personal affiliation to the students and will judge applicants based solely on the provided criteria.  

Relying on teams of volunteers and alumni can be unpredictable as people have other commitments and demands on their time. When you work with Kaleidoscope, you know for certain that the review process will be finished by the deadline. 

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Step 1

Organize a Review Committee

Kaleidoscope will recruit a committee of reviewers to score applications on behalf of your organization.

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Step 2

Train the Review Committee

Kaleidoscope will partner with your team to train reviewers on how to score applications on Kaleidoscope’s platform according to your program’s criteria.

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Step 3

Nominate Winners

The Review Committee will score applications according to your program’s criteria by your deadline. After the review deadline, the top scorers will be nominated to be passed along to your team. Your organization will have the final say on which applicants are selected as winners.

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Step 4

Score Reports

At the end of the review cycle, reports on application scores will be provided, allowing you to gain insights into the bigger picture of your application pool.


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