by Lily Lopate, BizTech Magazine

This year, nonprofits must incorporate artificial intelligence responsibly to keep pace, achieve mission goals and save money. 

In the nonprofit sector, technology continues to drive the way that organizations operate and engage with their communities. These organizations work tirelessly to achieve their missions, often with limited staff and resources. That’s why this year, a cost-optimized technology strategy is key to success.

This means that nonprofit IT leaders should invest in the tech tools that help accelerate an organization’s digital transformation. In fact, nonprofits that are considered “digitally mature” are 4 times more likely to meet mission goals, according to a Salesforce study.

From prioritizing artificial intelligence capabilities that reduce burden on staff to investing in predictive analytics to aid fundraising efforts, these are the tech trends of 2024.

by Lily Lopate, BizTech Magazine

Lily is a Senior Editor at BizTech Magazine. She follows tech trends and the IT leaders who shape them — reporting on entrepreneurial business, security and thought leadership. 

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