1. More scholarships = more money

As a scholarship provider, you probably know that one scholarship can change a student’s life, but it probably isn’t going to satisfy their entire financial need. By creating a cloud-based profile for applicants, each student has access to a full marketplace of additional scholarships. No more hunting through aggregator sites or clunky interfaces for scholarships – Kaleidoscope is a student’s one stop shop.

2. Time is precious

Once a student creates a profile, Kaleidoscope’s cloud-based scholarship management platform ensures that no student wastes time entering duplicate information. Any data previously entered – personal information and repeat essay questions, for example – will automatically fill into each and every application so that students can spend more time focused on their goals, and not typing in repeat information.

3. Fewer emails = more scholarships

“Hi, I just wanted to check in on the status of my scholarship and ensure you received it. I haven’t heard anything in a week (or, since yesterday), so I just wanted to be sure.” Sound familiar? With a cloud-based profile, every application that the student starts will show its current status – in progress, completed, submitted, etc. With this in mind, the student can rest assured the scholarship has been received and you can spend less time responding to emails and more time developing your program.

4. Forgotten information

With a paper based or online PDF system, it can be tricky to ensure your applicants are submitting all required materials. However, with a cloud-based profile, a student cannot submit an application until all required fields have been completed. As a result, there are no more incomplete applications or hunts for missing information – everything you need is already there waiting for you and your review board.

Kaleidoscope is the only scholarship management platform with a native marketplace to support your applicants and scholars. If you’d like to learn more about how programs like yours have gone from zero to hero for their applicants in just hours, let’s get in touch!

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