What is it?

The GI Bill is an education benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs that members of Active Duty, Selected Reserve, and National Guard Armed Forces earn through their service. Members of their family can also use these benefits, however, there are specific requirements. The bill has many programs that have different requirements. Each program’s goal is to assist in covering the costs of education and training.

Why is it important?

The GI Bill’s goal is to help veterans readjust to their lives after serving by providing them with the education necessary to build their lives back home. It serves as an opportunity to invest in their future.

At Kaleidoscope, we believe that education is a catalyst to a more promising future for individuals and our society. Nonetheless, we recognize the many hurdles that people must overcome to receive schooling necessary for better life. The GI Bill and what it stands for aligns with this belief. As a result, we firmly believe that the GI Bill is one piece of the puzzle necessary for funding education and the continued growth of our country.

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