Early experiences in a child’s life influence and mold what they perceive as possible. Depictions of People of Color in the media not only affect how other children see them, but it affects how children see themselves. In essence, young adolescents develop perceptions and determine what they can be based on what they see. Young people know it. So does Black Man, M.D.

The man behind Black Man, M.D.

Christel Wekon-Kemeni, the man behind Black Man, M.D., is a first-generation American with Cameroonian roots who was born in Boston and raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. He attended college at the University of Miami and earned his medical degree from the Wake Forest School of Medicine. He is now a pediatric resident at the University of North Carolina.

His vision is to inspire young people to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. As a pediatrician, he is visible to younger populations, especially to minority children. He understands that there are so many children of color who grow up without ever seeing a minority physician, which can unfortunately result in them believing that a future in medicine isn’t attainable to them. His mission is to destroy that belief and empower young people to achieve their fullest potential. He uses the Black Man, M.D. platform to support this mission. He chronicles his stories, thoughts, and opinions through the use of media and technology to connect with the youth in positive ways.

Guiding brighter futures

Black Man, M.D. provides scholarships to help mitigate financial constraints hindering students from reaching their goals. As a beneficiary of scholarships, Christel fully understands how financial awards have the ability to change someone’s life. His goal is to pay it forward through his annual scholarship. 

This year, the 2021 Desire To Inspire Scholarship is dedicated to recognizing young individuals from historically underrepresented minority groups who are interested in a career in healthcare and are making a determined effort to inspire others. The scholarship can be used for educational purposes and/or for the purpose of pushing their missions of inspiration forward.

Inspiring greater possibilities

Inspiration can serve to unlock passion in a child, and this passion can result in changing the impossible into something possible. Kaleidoscope is honored to highlight Black Man, M.D. as an inspirational change agent for minority students. 

“Never forget that the only limits you have in your life are the ones that you place upon yourself, as well as the ones you choose to accept that other have placed on you,” shared Christel. 

The work he is doing is an inspiration to all of us at Kaleidoscope. Thank you, Christel, for the opportunity to work with you!

Help students reach their full potential